Comparative Dictionary

The ultimate aim of this project is to produce a comparative dictionary of the languages of the sub-group of Gur formerly labelled 'Western Oti-Volta' with many scholars now replacing this term with 'Mabia Central'. [Bodomo, Adams, Hasitatu Abubakari and Samuel Alhassan Issah [eds.] 2020.    Handbook of the Mabia Languages of West Africa.     Glienicke : Galda Verlag - p.11]

This page is in course of development

The first 'fascicle' to be ready to post covers the southern and eastern subset of the languages, Dagbani, Hanga, KaMara, Kantoosi, Mampruli, Nabt, Talni, Kusaal Agole [Ghana], and Kusaal Toonde [B.F.], Bodomo's Mabia-Mid-Central, Mabia-Kusaal, and Mabia-South.  The map shows the location of the home-territory of speakers of these languages

Le deuxième fascicule comporte les mêmes données selon des mots-clef en français.

This is the β version of the alphabetical-by-English index, with keywords based on the latest version of my 'An outline thesaurus for North-Ghanaian languages.' (1974 and ongoing).

Voici la version ɑ version de l'index alphabétisé par le français :  il s'agit de la première fois (03/2021) que les mots clefs français seront ajoutés et il y a besoin de beaucoup de réglage.