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anyone know the Nabit for "aardvark" ?

Nabit is the language of the Nabdem people of the town of Nangodi on the road from Bolgatanga to Bawku in the northeast corner of Ghana.

Very little has been published about this language and it has been considered a dialect of the linguistically-different but culturally/politically dominant

Farefari language and community to the West. (including the ISO 639-6 code assignment). The arguments for separate language status are presented <Here>.

This dictionary is a very much more simple and tentative affair than those of Dagbani, Mampruli and Mõõré. It is based mostly on my own brief survey visits and the scanty published material: as there is no official written language and there was no orthography the transcriptions contain a lot of phonetic detail, and the different speakers' pronunciations appear in multiple variants of many items.  

In 2018 work was going forward under the auspices of Vida Yakong and her GROW project <> to develop an agreed spelling-system  but I have been unable to find up-to-date reports on progress.

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