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Mampruli   is the language which we learned when we lived in Ghana: we stayed with the Mamprusi people for 30 years and helped them develop their language  - an account of that can be read here.





We helped the Mamprusi Churches to publish the New Testament in Mampruli in 2002. A specimen can be seen here.


The Mamprusi live in an area which they call Ŋmampurigu, wide from East to West but shallow from North to South, along the northeast boundary of the Northern Region of Ghana. The closely-related language of Dagbani is spoken to the south.


Download Mampruli


If you just want an English to Mampruli wordlist, you can download the Index here.

The First Edition of the Mampruli dictionary is now completed.

It is a full-featured dictionary with pictures, examples, cross-references and notes. It is too big for this website to handle so you will have to get it at :

** If you notice any mistakes or have data to contribute, please communicate using the  contact form below **

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