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more language studies ...


Here are some further language studies that may be useful:

Naden,Tony    1980*.    Mampruli Spelling Guide: for teachers, writers, Bible
translators and others.    Gbeduuri, N/R : Mamprint  [*and various editions and printings since]

Naden, Tony date : various (1976-2011) A Sketch of Basic Grammar in Mampruli.
Gbeduuri I.L./Mamprint

Descriptives: Full version, Unicode, including tables: 2015 :: various versions since 1996 ; major published version :-
Naden, Tony 2007. Descriptives: adjectives in Mampruli. in Dakubu M.E.K. / G.Akanlig-Pare /E.K.Osam / K.Saah [eds.] Studies in the Languages of the Volta Basin 4, Vol. 1: Nominal constructions. Legon : University of Ghana Linguistics Department: 88-102 [Paper to NUFU Colloquium: Legon, Jan. 2006]

Naden, Tony 1986. Western Oti/Volta pronoun systems. in Ursula Wiesemann
[ed.] Pronominal systems. Tübingen : Günther Narr : 249-275

Naden, Tony 1993. From wordlist to comparative lexicography: the Lexinotes. :
LEXIKOS 3 : 167-190

Naden, Tony 1996. The English-French side of the wordlist. Gur Papers / Cahiers
Voltaïques (1) : 105-114 [latest version 2013]

Naden, Tony 1999. Notes on the KaMara of Larabanga. Gur papers/Cahiers Voltaïques 4 : 75-89

Naden, Tony 2005. Sentence Perspective In Mampruli. unpublished (Study paper in connection with 'Between Tone and Text' : Conference on Gur Languages, Bayreuth, October 2005)

Naden, Tony  2015.E     Suffix vowel regression in W.O/V nominals. Unfinished paper with a lot of information - both data and analysis - on nominal morphology.

Naden, Tony 2015. Differing Structure in Related Kinship Terminologies.
Unpublished paper to the GILLBT Academic Seminars, Tamale, 2001 (presented by Andy Warren)

Comparative S-E Western-Oti/Volta Dictionary ::  Sibling Terms. [Table]

Comparative S-E Western-Oti/Volta Dictionary ::  Uncle/Aunt Terms. [Table]

Preverbal Particles in Western Oti/Volta  [List]

Evidence for Language Status of Nabit and Talni

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