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A word for 'aardvark' is not recorded in our sources!

Birifor is one of the group of languages spoken in the northwestern corner of Ghana, extending into Burkina Faso.

The precise number and identity of distinct languages in the group is a matter of discussion, but the most common classification recognises Dagaare, Waali and Birifor, this being spoken in the most southerly part of the area. 

A sample of the complexity of the linguistic situation in this area can be seen : 

There is a related set of languages and dialects in Burkina Faso on the west bank of the Black Volta river which forms the international boundary which are usually associated with the town of Malba. This area is some distance north of the Birifor area in Ghana. There do not appear to be any accessible published lexical materials in any Birifor language/dialect.  I hope that it will be possible at a later date to publish the material on which the  BR entries in the comparative dictionary are based.

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