Language Studies

Over the years I have produced some spin-off studies from my language and lexicographic work which I sometimes need to refer to in notes on particular dictionaries.  Not all of these have been published, or published in easily-accessible locations.   I am appending some of these here for your delectation.

Naden, Tony 1980.  'Siamese twins' in Mampruli phonology.  in Africana Marburgensia XIII (1) : 52-57


Naden, Tony 2015. Etymological Formulæ for Gur Languages.  [based on the reconstructions of Gabriel Manessy edited and commented by Tony Naden (GILLBT)]

Naden, Tony 1996. Ancestor non-worship amongst the Mamprusi.  in LEXICOS 6 : 71-203

Naden, Tony    2001.    Differing Structure in Related KinshipTerminologies.  :  presented at G.I.L.L.B.T. Linguistic Seminar 2001 [adapted 2015]

Naden, Tony 2005. Verb-to-Nominal derivation in Mampruli and friends. Paper to Gur Conference: Bayreuth Oct 2005 [emended]

Naden, Tony 2015. Three cheers for the red, white and black. = ibid. in Dakubu/Osam [eds.] 2005. Studies in the Languages of the Volta Basin 3 -- Legon: University of Ghana Linguistics Department [Proceedings of the Annual Colloquium of the Legon-Trondheim Linguistics Project, January 2005] : 173-192  [Lexinote 20][various versions over the years -- this is the latest]

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