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Ninkãrɛ   is a language closely-related to Farafare/ Gurenɛ and spoken in an area of Burkina Faso to the north of its Ghanaian relative. Most publications and sites mentioning the language seem to conflate it with the Ghanaian language and show a continuous homeland area.  As with Kusaal the dialect variations seem to justify a written standard in Ghana and another in Burkina.

There is an excellent dictionary of Ninkãrɛ available in various forms and places, compiled by Awẽnne and Awẽnpɔka (Urs/Idda Niggli) in 1996 and updated at various stages. The current form is available on Webonary:


More information can be found on the Webonary site under the tabs 'Overview', 'Language' and 'Links'

More material about the people and their homeland and language, and another link to the dictionary may be found at the Ninkare website 


The above map shows the location of the Ninkarse people in the style of the other pages on this site. A more accurate map below (from the Webonary site) shows the other closely-related languages as well : -


Nabit and Talni are coloured in because they are considered by the Ethnologue as dialects of Farefare/Gurenɛ, but they are linguistically separate languages closer to Kusaal and Mampruli.

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