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Kusaal   is the language spoken in the extreme northeastern corner of Ghana, extending into Burkina Faso.

There are two major dialects or sub-languages, Agole spoken in the eastern part of the area, and Toende spoken in the west and extending northwards into Burkina Faso.




Download Kusaal (Agole)


The Main Edition of the Kusaal dictionary is now completed.

You can download it at :

If you just want an English to Kusaal wordlist, you can download the Index here.

 Kusaal (Toende) Dictionary

This dictionary is the Dictionary of the Kusaal of Burkina Faso which is close to the western ('Atoende') sub-language of the contiguous area of Ghana. The dictionary is basically that prepared by Urs Niggli in Burkina, formatted by to match the other dictionaries on this site, with a few corrections and adjustments during the edit. [it is not yet live on this page]

Kusaal (Atoende) Dictionary

** If you notice any mistakes or have data to contribute, please communicate using the  contact form below **

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