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Mõõré is the major language of Burkina Faso

It has been studied and discussed, mainly in French, for many years.  In colonial times the names of Mõõré and Dagbani, the two languages of the Western Oti/Volta group with the largest populations, were used to label the whole group, spelled in English 'Mole-Dagbani'  and probably thought of a one language with the 'Mole' pronounced to rhyme with 'hole'.

This dictionary is a selected corpus of basic vocabulary.

If you click the button to (view or) download the Dictionary you will find an introduction explaining the history of the material and my involvement in its compilation. This is followed by the dictionary of over 2,200 main entries Mõõré-English, and then an index of English glosses to help to  find Mõõré words with particular meanings.  Each entry also has cross-references to other entries related in form or meaning.

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