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Farefare/Gurenɛ is a language spoken somewhat east of the middle of the northern border of Ghana.

There are a number of dialects or sub-languages * ; the most widely-accepted as a written language is that of Bolgatanga, the capital city of the Upper East Region of Ghana.




The most-extensive published Farefare/Gurenɛ dictionary is : Dakubu, M.E.Kropp / S.Awinkene Atintono / E.Avea
Nsoh [eds.]
   2007    Gurenɛ-English Dictionary // English-Gurenɛ Glossary [2 Vols.].  
Legon :: University of Ghana Linguistics Dept.

-- This publication is available online on the Webonary site:

Webonary Gurenɛ

Prof. S.A. Atintono has kindly given permission for me to use data from this publication in the Comparative Dictionary.  

Note: The orthography is not that used in publications in the language, but is a consistent linguistically-based transcription from the University scholars involved.


* Note:  One of the 'sub-languages' is largely spoken in the adjacent area of Burkina Faso and is covered separately here as Ninkãrɛ.

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