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The ultimate aim of this project is to produce a comparative dictionary of the languages of the sub-group of Gur formerly labelled 'Western Oti-Volta' with many scholars now replacing this term with 'Mabia Central'. [Bodomo, Adams, Hasitatu Abubakari and Samuel Alhassan Issah [eds.] 2020.    Handbook of the Mabia Languages of West Africa.     Glienicke : Galda Verlag - p.11]

As a convenient abbreviation for "the MaBia Central languages covered in Naden's Comparative Dictionary' I will use MaB.N

The first 'fascicle' that was ready to post contains the languages Dagbani, Hanga, KaMara, Kantoosi, Mampruli, Nabt, Talni, Kusaal Agole [Ghana], and Kusaal Toonde [B.F.]  –  Bodomo's Mabia-Mid-Central, Mabia-Kusaal, and Mabia-South.  The map shows the location of the home-territory of speakers of these languages

Le deuxième fascicule comporte les mêmes données selon des mots-clef en français.


Comparative Dictionary
Southern and Eastern Languages

** This is now (05/2021) the full version, organised semantically but with indexes for English and French.

** Il s'agit maintenant (05/2021) de la version complète, organisée sémantiquement mais avec des index pour l'anglais et le français.

This is the β version of the alphabetical-by-English index, with keywords based on the latest version of my 'An outline thesaurus for North-Ghanaian languages.' (1974 and ongoing).

Voici la version ɑ version de l'index alphabétisé par le français :  il s'agit de la première fois (03/2021) que les mots clefs français seront ajoutés et il y a besoin de beaucoup de réglage.

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